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Winter Party

January 20, 2018
10 A.M til 8 P.M.

At the Gordon’s House

116 S. Detroit St. Buchanan MI 49107

Bring your project for Show and Tell, or just come to visit.

We’ll have the food and beverages ready.


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Cedar Rapids Registrants

All Registered Bikes and Racers (All Races)

Bruce Gordon 357 Bacchetta Corsa 957 Terratrike Zoomer 957 Greenspeed SLR
Chris Cortez 359 Gritters Lowracer 959 Catrike Speed R
Dora Cortez 661 Gritters Lowracer 961 lending library
Warren Beauchamp 350 Cuda D7CFLR 5 Cuda-W
Tedd Wheeler 111 A3 Alleweder 314 Gritters Low Racer
Daryl Hanger 346 Cruzbike vendetta 945 Catrike 700 345 Catbike Musashi
Mike Mowett 366 Velociraptor 365 M1 lowracer 88 Norus
David Johnson 47 Great White
Tony Levand 59 Tony Levand
Clifford Lofgren 529 Terratrike
Francis Kowalik 322 M5
Florian Kowalik 308 M5
Mathias Kowalik 505 M5 lowracer
Cecilia Kowalik 599 Earth Cycles Sunset 999 Greenspeed
Genevieve Kowalik 555 Gritters 55 Micro Moby
Anastasia Kowalik 560 Performer 962 Greenspeed
Adrian Kowalik 561 Gitane 961 KMX
Brian Stevens 327 Schlitter
Garrie Hill 144 Quest 944 Greenspeed
Bruce Robertson 305 M5 Lowracer M5 Highracer
Judy Robertson 604 Schlitter
Chuck Greenwood 909 Catrike 404 Bacchetta
Susan Greenwood 505 Catrike
Ishtey Amminger 526 Cruzbike Vendetta 926 Trisled Raw CO2
Jude Huebner 906 ICE
Michael Reynolds 339 Gitane
Ron Wyatt 484 Lighting R84
Rob Lloyd 372 Lloyd's
Dennis Grelk 360 Grelk 42 Beauchamp 960 Grelk
Andrea Hanger 621 CruzBike Vendetta
Michael Denninger 384 Goat Power
Amanda Zolyniak 671 Zolyniak
Dan Zolyniak 71 Zolyniak
Rick Gritters 370 Gritters 170 Gritters
Mark Archibald 987 Archibald
Sally Archibald
Conner Monahan
Connor Monahan
Rachel Bolen 616 GCC SWB black
Eric Winn 304 Cruzbike
Laura Reiner 615 GCC-SWB Red
Micah Nelson 941 GCC Trike
Calvin Moes 68 HPVDT Tempest
Ted Peer 142 DF - Intercity Bike
Benjamin Shenk
Joel Bodine 414 GCC - SWB Black
Jeff Hunn 311 Reynolds Ti-Cuda 998 FleetTrikes Black Max 911 Catrike
Alayne Batsakes
Richard Myers 22 Moby 122 Myers/Hill/ Jester/ Banana
Isaac Chung 68 HPVDT Tempest 416 Baron Optima
Luke Patterson 416 Baron Optima
Alan Pettit 67 HPVDT Cyclone
Thomas Ulph 66 HPVDT Vortex
Steven Lee 412 Speedmachine
Calvin Rieder 67 HPVDT Cyclone 416 Baron Optima
Jun Nogami 69 HPVDT Bluenose
Susanna Rumsey 412 Speedmachine
Bill Kong 66 HPVDT Vortex 416 Baron Lowracer
Samuel Mills 344 Specialized
Dan Glatch 21 Milwaukee Flyer 377 Rans
Cyrus Furbush 369 M5
Joseph Solecki Schlitter
Bill Gilliam 396 Bacchetta Corsa
Doc Pearson 933 Green speed magnum
David Sommerfeld 388 YellowJacket MBB 389 Highracer Homebuilt